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We destroy and remove Mold, Odors,
allergens, bacteria & viruses

Residential & Commercial properties

Mold Services

Mold Inspection

Mold Remediation

We Kill:

Cigarrette odor

Fire smoke

Cooking/Curry odor

Pet odors

mold odors

and more

We also Perform:
Allergy Relief 

HVAC Duct Sanitzing

Indoor Air Quality 

Moiture evaluation

Infection control

MRSA disinfection

*All Services Guaranteed!


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  • Economical

Real Estate

Mold Inspections & Remediation

Selling or Buying a House?

Is your home sale hung up by odors, indoor MOLD, mildew or fungi?

Call us. We can help: 


Home or Office making you Sick?

If you feel sick at your home or workplace, then feel better when you leave...there is something wrong.

Symtoms that include congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, headaches, can be caused by allergens such as pollen dustmites, mold/fungi that may not be obviously visible to you.

Call us. We can help:


Serving Metro Atlanta

Haley Environmental Services

McDonough, GA


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About Us

We are a Veteran owned, Family business providing mold & odor removal, allergen elimination  and sanitizing to homes and businesses in Metro Atlanta GA.

  • Guaranteed Solutions

  • Safe, Green, Insured

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Ozone Oxidizing Technology
There is no better oxidizer than enhanced ozone to safely eliiminate unwanted odors and indoor polutants. We emply ozone and other processes as a means to completely oxidize harmful indoor pollutants at their source.

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